Chanwoo Lee

Architect of Information

Building computational media for future (or for fun).

He is a design engineer, researcher and artist.

An architect, but for digital life.

Co-designing technology and behaviour to build the future.

Know the human, know the technology.

What kind of life do humans envision?

Future Scenarios

Contemporary Media Art

Design Research

How can we make it happen with computers?

Applied Computing Research

Interaction & Interface Design Engineering

System Design Engineering

Currently pursuing

MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering

at Imperial College London ↗

and Royal College of Art ↗.

He is also a fellow of

the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA)

Human Centred Computing

Human-Computer Interaction

Intelligent System

Interaction-centric AI ↗

Fluid interface ↗

Ubiquotous Computing ↗

context-aware system ↗

semantic file system ↗

Graph and machine learning